The core concept is simple:

Be the last one to buy a key to win the jackpot when the countdown hits 0.

We have worked on a few iterations - the current concept is:

  • The countdown starts at 1 hour. As the timer runs, each player has the opportunity to buy keys.

  • Through the game, the price of keys increases with each key bought.

  • The value of each key bought is split between various pots:

    • Jackpot

    • Key holders

    • $FOMO holders

    • Referrals

    • Side pot

    • Team

  • You have to pick a team when you buy a key that changes how you distribute the money spent on your key.

  • Each player can create a referral code that yields them 10% of each key purchase by players using their code, forever.

  • Each key bought during the game pushes the timer back 30 seconds, capped at a 1 hour countdown.

  • The sidepot is an on-going lottery that increases in size and chance of happening with each key bought. Each player can win at the moment of buying a key. Once the sidepot is claimed, 50% of it stays in the sidepot and 50% goes to the winner. Iit starts over again through the whole duration of the round.

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